Virtual Libido

Giving a breath to mirage



Virtual Reality (Real-time) Performance Kunsthall i Bergen

Tomorrow’s Parties , MA 2 graduation shown

9 April - 30 April 2008


MaxMsp technically supported by HC Gilje and Ellen Røed

Photos by Yoel Vazquez , Sindy Kliche and Vik













Moth-er in Cityscape

Like the solitude life of Moth in a circle


Performance, 6 Dec 2008

'Table', Chartered Garden, Central, Hong Kong


Curated by OneMinuteBefore and Yang Yeung

Photos by Vincent Mak and Lai Long Hin










Seeing a flower is seeing a universe

A moment is eternal


Virtual Reality (Real-time) Performance

1.59 Gallery

 22 Nov 2007  Thursday

 7:00pm -11:00pm




Benz is Benz

Dedicated to my beloved Baka Migiwa



It's like opening a door

Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen

MA1 group exhibition, USF, Bergen, Norway

Performance, April 2007






Would you like to go

 to bed with me?

The flower blooming for one night




Virtual Reality (Real-time) Performance,

KHIB, Marken

24 March to 25 March 2007







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