//Seeing a flower is seeing a universe, a moment is eternal


Virtual Reality (Real-time) Performance

1.59 Gallery, 22 Nov 2007 (Thursday) 7:00pm -11:00pm



Like the solitude life of Moth in a circle


The person who grows moths in order to collect their silk is called a moth-er. They limit the moths to laying eggs in circles. The moths exhaust their lives by giving birth to eggs. Then, they leave the circle, and their life are over. Only the pattern of their eggs remain as trace of their existence and their disappearance all at the same time. The self-completing process of life is solitude.


I see this solitude in my mothers and that of my own.


My mother is a minimalist. She does almost everything by herself, leads a simple life but is prepared. She has even bought her own small gravestone for her ashes already. That gravestone is a unit arranged like ‘a tiny flat in a building’ in a flat itself. Her stone is near deceased aunt’s stone. She said: ´Then you will know where to visit me when I am not here.´ I was shocked.


For me, desire is trouble, unrest and catastrophe. It is dynamic but risky in life. But by keeping myself in solitude, I can avoid life’s catastrophes. Gradually, life is completed. A calm death is the destiny like disappearing.



Micro representation of life in 2 ½ hours in a fish pond


‘Moth-er’, the performance was a micro representation of a life of solitude in 2 ½ hours. Audience could gaze out at a fishpond view of real-time projection on the floor of a winter garden created by flour outside 1.59 gallery. They could have a ‘one to one’ intimate distance with the Moth-er to witness her exhausting her solitary life by the side of gallery door.


‘Seeing a flower is seeing a universe, a moment is eternal’ is an idiom from Chinese literature. The usage of ‘Virtual Reality’ as medium in ‘Moth-er’ brings the audience to view life as a process of changes under a microscope. In the river of time, the visitors can step into the river at different times but it would never be the same.


The form of performance In side the gallery:-


- I created a warm weather in 1.59 Gallery by a heater.

- I became a Moth-er.

- I was wearing two panties for the top and bottom of my body.

- I filled the panties with dough. The dough deformed my body.

- I cut the panties by scissors and the dough leaked out from my body.

- I made the dough balls out of it and I arranged them in a circle from the outskirt toward the center.

It was like the moths laying eggs.

- At last, I exhausted the dough on my body. The panties were full of wounds.

- I left the circle and the negative shape of my existent remains.

- I walked out and left the space.



Vik wrote, March 2008

Vik's Performance


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